I cannot transact... help!

We know, there are days where nothing seems to work, including your Flint app.

Here are incremental troubleshooting procedures for you:

(After each step please try a test transaction using your own CC. Upon a successful transaction you can refund yourself immediately afterwards. Stripe will refund your money, fees and surcharge)

(1) Before transacting using the Flint app, ensure that you have a solid Internet connection either through WiFi or Cellular Data

(2) If you still cannot transact, log out and back into the Flint app. By logging out I mean clicking on the Profile icon on the upper left-hand corner on the initial screen and then selecting “Sign Out” at the bottom. You can sign back in immediately after that.

(3) If you still cannot transact, reboot your phone

(4) If you still cannot transact, delete the Flint app from your phone and install the latest Flint app from the store

If none of the above helped, please contact us here for further assistance.

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